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OX Speedskim Technology is a new and dynamic system developed to accelerate and enhance the overall Plastering process. A unique combination of innovative component design, advanced high tech materials and new process methods go together to make Speedskim Technology the new cutting edge way to Plaster.

Speedskim Technology The Advantages

  • Unique flexible PVC blade allows flattening back immediately after plaster application Accelerating the whole Plastering process.
  • Unique flexible PVC blade flattens back and rules off in a fraction of the time over conventional Featheredges and Darbys.
  • Unique flexible PVC blade brings no moisture to the surface allowing quicker deployment of final steel trowel accelerating th overall process.
  • Unique flexible PVC blade profile with specially formed ribs accelerates the distribution of plaster over a wider area, and dramatically improves levelling of uneven surfaces. In addition these unique ribs hold on to excess plaster.
  • Unique ergonomic design and lightweight construction gives increased comfort to the Plasterer. In reducing the need for the steel trowel during certain aspects of the plastering process the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) on fingers, wrists and upper body are dramatically reduced.
  • Innovative component design gives increased blade stability in wide ranging seasonal temperatures straight blade system.
  • New button release robust end caps give Speedskim® unique interchangeable blade feature making all sizes extremely versatile and cost effective.
  • Speedskim Technology has been developed to make a number of other Building Trade applications faster and easier too Producing a higher quality Finish.
Plastering Rules
Plastering Rules
Pole Attachment
Pole Attachment
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Replacement Blades

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